Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30 2009

mom i take back what i said
about the socks

three old socks, not matched
alone down there for
a long time

i can't believe i got you
to want to
buy my lamp

stumbling across a facebook page
you've never seen
what your room-mate must think
mismatched socks covering every
surface of the room
he said he'd pay for
the lava lamp
but the rest was
your problem
how many of the socks
did you jerk off into
they're lying around on the
night stand
like dead fish
it's not the socks
slamming the door of the mini-fridge
god, what a prick!
talking in his girlfriend voice
your socks pile up around you
he explains how
nervous you feel before tip-off
but once the ball is tossed you don't
feel nervous anymore
the socks crowd closer

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