Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Silence in the Nude Recording Studio

Silence in the nude recording studio
Song titled "The Impact of Bodies
on the Air in the Hallway".

Loops of turned-off mechanical
toothbrushes mur mur mur and the
engineer puts on his cap he is
leaving to smear himself westward.

New title: "The Cry of Envy
in the Sound Booth",

The guitarist loosens a grumpy note
from his guitar uncomfortably aware of
being in the space his body inhabits.

They once had a drummer but he
dedicated his life to inventing the
mobile drum kit which the musician
does not play but plays with as it
travels around stage on its own accord.

The vocalist sang the space
between the words and the
guitarist nailed his guitar to the wall
sat down across from it
and this song was called
"Memory of the Concert in Sondra's Basement".

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